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Using Wig Tape Properly is Important

We could all use a refresher on the best way to use wig tape! Wig tape is used to adhere lace-front wigs to your scalp. When you apply it correctly, your wig will have a strong hold and a natural appearance.

Wash your hair and blow dry it (you can towel dry it if you’re more comfortable with that.) It’s also important to clean your face with soap and water, and towel dry that as well.

Dampen a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe it along the skin bordering your hairline. You’re doing this in an effort to remove oils that could prevent the wig tape from adhering to your skin properly.

Ensure that all fine hairs are smoothed or pinned back so they won’t adhere to the tape. (You don’t want to deal with the painful experience of sticking the tape to your natural hair… trust us!)

Apply a thin layer of scalp protector to the skin below your hairline. If you have sensitive skin, this is a must!

Cut the wig tape into several pieces so that they follow the contour of your hairline. Peel away one side of the paper, and position each strip under the perimeter of your hairline.

Remove the upper backing from the wig tape in the center of your forehead. Position the center of the wig along the exposed piece of wig tape, and press firmly.

Follow the contour of the hairline and remove tape backing as you go along. Keep pressing it down to secure it.

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