Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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Hair Jokes for Thanksgiving

We’re just about ready for Thanksgiving! When your family is gathered around the table to eat dinner, we want you to be prepared with a few hair-related jokes to keep them laughing!

Drink Me
Joe’s hair kept falling out, so he complained to his barber about it.

“That stuff you gave me is terrible!” Joe said to the barber. “You said two bottles of it would make my hair grow, and nothing’s happened.”

“I don’t understand it,” said the barber. “That’s the best hair restorer on the market!”

“Well,” Joe said, “I don’t mind drinking another bottle; but it had better work this time!”

Short and Sweet
Did you hear the one about the guy that lost his hair in the war? He lost it all in a hair raid.


Gone Gray
One sunny day a girl walks up to her mother and took a long, sad look at her hair. She said, “Why is some of your hair gray, Mom?”

The mother said, “Well, every time you do something wrong and make me cry, angry, or unhappy, one of my hairs turns gray.”

The girl thought about this for a while. She then said, “Mom? How come all of Grandma’s hairs are gray?”

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Advent Hair!

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