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Hairpiece: What is the most natural looking Hairpiece?

Most Natural Looking Hairpiece Most Natural Looking Hairpiece

It is human nature to aspire to look your best and be appreciated for it. This can be challenging if you are bothered by a receding hairline or thinning hair. Baldness and thinning hair is quite common today and it can be due to many reasons - poor nutrition, genetics, chemotherapy, stress and beauty treatments. However, you do not have to suffer in silence or bear it with a grin. You can seek to remedy this problem by wearing a hair piece.

Previously people used to avoid hairpieces as they were of poor quality and there was no guarantee that they would stay on if the wearer shook his/her head. And, they used to stand out like a sore thumb so the whole world knew that the person was wearing a hairpiece! However, this is no longer the case. Today, hairpieces are made of quality human hair, look like natural hair and are available in many styles and colors, making it very difficult for others to spot them. In fact, your first choice should always be a natural hair piece, so that your secret stays safe.

Finding a Natural Hair Piece

If you are looking for a natural hair piece, consider both the type of hair and fit. The hair should be natural looking and made of various human hair colors. While synthetic hair pieces are more affordable, they can give your hair replacement system away. So if you are looking for a natural hairpiece, it is best to buy a hair piece made of human hair. But do remember that you will have to maintain it well to keep its beauty and appearance. If you cannot do this, it may be better to buy a synthetic hairpiece, which is easier to maintain and clean. 

The fit of the hairpiece should be outstanding, conforming to your heads curvature with an age appropriate frontal recession. Select a few base designs and then zero onto one that fits your scalp the best. If the fit is good, the chances of the hair piece slipping or looking awkward are minimal. The best way to achieve the perfect fitting hairpiece is to make make a template.

Shape of your Face: The most natural looking hair piece should suit your face and accentuate your best features. If you are unsure, stick to styles and colors that closely match your natural hair. And take a look at pictures of yourself when you were younger.

Texture & Density: As far as possible, match the hair piece to your natural hair in terms of color and texture. For instance, if you have fine hair, get a hairpiece that is made from fine hair. The same holds true for people with curly, wavy and coarse hair. Men's hair density should be age appropriate.  As you age, the density should decrease!

Grey Hair: As a man ages, his natural hair most likely has some grey in it.  It looks much more natural if your hair piece also has some grey strands in it.

Today, you can buy great looking natural hair pieces online very discretely. You no longer have to join expensive hair clubs and hair programs that do not suit your needs. Instead look at AdventHair.com that offers men and women hair replacement systems that come directly from the factor and thereby allowing people with thin and receding hairlines to buy high quality hairpieces at affordable prices. And, you can do this all of on the phone with Advent.

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