Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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FREE Hair System Buyers' Guide!

Curious to learn in more detail the ins & outs of how to order your next hair system? This guide will help you:

  • Understand the different bases available
  • Choose the proper density & color (including highlights)
  • Different attachment methods
  • Place your order with confidence

Advent Hair is Mobile!

We know you've been there. You're on the road for business and you don't have access to a computer. Or you're on vacation with your family and you forgot to bring your laptop. We're all on the run and we all have places to be. But what if you need to place an order from one of your favorite online retailers? Sometimes things just can't wait until you get home.

That's why Advent Hair has gone mobile. That's right, you can now access our store from your smart phone. That means that you don't need to have a computer in order to have access to the most perfect-fitting hair systems on the market. You have the entire Advent Hair store in the palm of your hand and right at your fingertips. Life is complicated— ordering a quality hair system shouldn't be!

Need to place an emergency order for some wig tape? You can do that from your smart phone for on-the-run ordering. It's never been easier to order while you're commuting. With your hair system from Advent Hair, your style options are endless, effortless, and simple. And now ordering your supplies from Advent Hair just got easier, too.

Keep it real, keep it simple— check out Advent Hair's mobile store.

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