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Factory Direct Hair Systems for Men and Women

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Hair Systems Have A Place in the World

As we're all aware, baldness is one of those problems that doesn't discriminate. It affects men and women alike. We're all familiar with the term “male pattern baldness,” but the same thing affects women— albeit a smaller percentage. Our hair makes us feel good about ourselves, so there's no reason to accept being “follically challenged.” Here at AdventHair.com, we make sure we've got all of your needs covered.

There are many different kinds of baldness out there. In hereditary baldness, oil glands and hair follicles on the scalp gradually deteriorate until the hair becomes thinner and only a few lonely strands remain. The most common kind of hereditary baldness is the aforementioned male pattern baldness. It usually occurs after age 30, but some men experience it earlier. It's thought to be caused by hormonal changes that accompany the aging process. Like we said, women experience the same kind of baldness. It can occur after menopause— so that sort of brings home the notion that it's linked to hormonal changes.

You're not alone out there! An abundant head of hair can make you feel better about yourself. It'll also help you strengthen your relationships with other people. (Because, really, we can't love anyone else until we love ourselves!)

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